Lapatic Francis

Stephanie Rose Jones produced the “Walls of Fire” presentation at CSA Conference, held at the Orange County Convention Center.  CSA Conference was a convention which hosted 8000 people.  “Walls of Fire” was the Teen Ministry opening event, which was attended by 2000 teenagers from five states.  Stephanie produced and coordinated this four hour opening event, which featured 15 dancers, 10 steppers, 6 actors, a flag corps, 4 singers, and 8 speakers.  She was responsible for supervising a staff of 15 in planning this show, in addition to overseeing the lighting, stage and sound crews.  She created a timing schedule for the entire event, and coordinated all aspects of the performance. Stephanie was chosen to oversee these events because of her exceptional ability to plan an event from inception to completion.  In doing so she worked with a diverse group of people with different ideas, creatively compiling them into programs that met everyone’s needs.  She brought out the best in the staff and worked well under pressure, and in the face of problems she was solution-oriented and resilient.   I would recommend Stephanie, without reservations, as an event planner.  Her abilities, as described above, combined with her professional attitude and warm personality, demonstrate that she is a woman who can be trusted to do a great job.